Basking in the stillness, just before the dawn on a Hallmark Holliday, justified by a blanket of fresh white snow…

I was pondering the power in collective consciousness, as millions of Children tossed in their beds anticipating the spoils of their parent’s lie.

I awaken in similar contemplation, the snow cleansing all of the grey areas with fresh quiet. let’s pretend until it melts the mud back into our days.

but it’s quiet…

And that is a blessing…

I enjoy the stillness of fresh fallen snow every time–doesn’t matter what day is being marked…

Santa, the ever illusive example of collective conscience, challenges the freedoms of creative expression, showing up packaged within scoldings throughout the year.

You better not pout ya better not cry (especially you boys) Santa clause is coming to town…

Or is he?

What travels through the minds of young believers who didn’t get an iPad? Their booty, merely a new coat to replace the tattered one their younger sibling will inherit?

Shall we raise our children to measure the impact of their behavior on the value of material presents, bestowed by an imaginary man whose presence none of us have ever caught more than an imaginary glimpse of?

I never bought the tale, for the magic I was feeling had no time to squeeze Santa down a chimney and I wasn’t raised on dangling carrots.

Perhaps that is why I grew up confusing Santa for Jesus’ father…

But what of the magic of Christmas? Once you release a child into the world, you are tasked with showing them the magic in every breath. And it’s not a simple task.

When the first construction paper reigndeer, laced with cotton balls comes home, its time to have the talk…

Remember that magic we know is everywhere every day when we generate compassion and invoke generosity?

Some people gather it collectively and wait for winter to share those qualities in full. Don’t spoil the dream for those who pack it all into santa’s sleigh.

Just watch for the magic that comes with the collective choice to invoke the magic we know.

It comes. And in beautiful ways.
Where does Santa live?

in the hearts of those who put him there…

Today is Monday. Yesterday was Sunday and last week tomorrow was Monday on Sunday. May all beings enjoy the day…

Apparently I was thinking the same thing last year…


Apparently I am getting better at ahakin’ it off.

And there truly is magic in the collective expression of warmth and generosity. My gifts came with the Solstice this year…

return to the light and let the heat miser and the cold miser duke it out… i got Celine’s waffle recipe… best waffles I ever ate 🙂


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