Do we even know what that means?

Many of us talk about unity and connection and walk in deep disconnection.

None of us can always find common ground. But we can all work toward clarity.

When you have the opportunity to process misunderstandings with the person you have that energy with.

Do the work with them.

Otherwise it’s not work.

If you are afraid to tell something to someone, then it is likely the most important thing you need to tell them.

If you think they can’t hear it, ask them if they care to know what is truly in your heart and on your mind.

Su su su and hiss hiss hiss.
That’s some schoolyard shit that shouldn’t be happening in the yard either.

It is time for the people to unite.

On the real

Unity means nothing without connection

Connection is unattainable without communication.

Communication is nothing without love.

Love is hollow without humility.

Humility is absent without compassion.

Compassion is empty without patience.

Patience is effortless with willingness to grow.

Without willingness to grow…
Ego wins.

Every time.

Decolonization does not occur without the willingness to dig deep and be with the shadow truths.

Unity means nothing without all of the above and so so much more.

May all beings know compassionate connection.

May all beings be free from suffering and the root of suffering.


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