My heart has always been my leader.
I cannot say it always knows what to do. But it is what guides my path.

When I dance through concrete forests of stiff and rigid trees on a stone path, I often find myself pulling my heart back into its place a little more tender and sometimes bruised.

The strength it takes to hold this magnificent heart in protection often masks the need for my own tender care.

But there is strength in vulnerability there is great power in every open heart.

When we choose steely strength over tender power we close the avenues for direct communication.

This has been one of my great lessons which I learn and re-learn again as I reach for the wisdom of my youngest hour.

In that place, where interdependence is absolutely undeniable, that infantile yet vast and all knowing universal source space, we return to pure understanding before domesticated contact.

There we see true beauty. there…. is that place our heart yearns to return to with every moment that we move away from our pure birth place.

While I stand in my own power as much as humanly possible I honor the need and prayer for collaborative connection.

Not one of us can truly find what many call God or spirit alone, for together each of our connections to spirit expand the possibility for the great touching of two worlds.
The concrete world and the spirit world

I need you and you need me and we need we to re-learn our most potent Grace.

We must stand together and we must recognize that we are all searching for this connection and we are all trying to find avenues for coming in a good way.

It hurts to know that my grapple for my own inner strength may appear to others as a motion to lessen anyone else’s. and so I dance between what power feels like and what power looks like.

I have never been fully understood and that is clearly because I don’t fully understand. And the languages offered to us don’t particularly reflect my heart’s true intention.

Words have power. Great power and yet they are meaningless when we move to silent sharing, heart to heart.

This is why the colonized systems of oppression only offer semantics of singularity. There are many languages that don’t even recognize singularity but they have been stripped from us. And those who hold those languages hold them close and in great protection. If we don’t have access to these languages and teachings we will be left only with the insecure nature that comes with the advancement of traditions that only speak of punishing Gods.

We must not punish ourselves for the choices we make even if they may be considered mistakes in hindsight. And we must not punish each other for our misguided and misunderstandings.

I come from my heart with love as I struggle to understand what love really is. It is different for everyone and that is OK

Maybe we’ll figure it out one day

I will keep praying for guidance on my way


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