The Hudson Vally is being spotlighted again, as a resource of creativity, environmental beauty and sold as a getaway. And the Chambers Of Commerce sure are selling their towns… While a city like Kingston, NY strugglings to be part of the hype, they are shooting themselves in the foot by even considering to allow Niagara Bottling Corp to tap one of our most prized resources. Cooper Lake.Rachel's Cooper LakeOur Glorious Cooper Lake. 

Cooper Lake RainbowWhich is a prime target because, a little known piece of info…. Cooper Lake is not only filled by the Mink Hollow feed… Pipelines also come in from the NYC owned Ashokan Reservoir.

  I took a walk at Magic Meadow this afternoon.

photo (3)Magic Meadow is owned by the Guild. Which means, it is owned by town residents. Some years ago, they were struggling with the choice to Mow, or to let the meadow do as is does, and grow how it grows.

I have not been up there is some time. For many years, the Meadow, was a meadow. But it isn’t anymore. What is left, is a path and a few small clearings.

At the mouth of the way in, there are Burrs.

photo (2)

When I see Burrs, I listen to the spirits of the land; they are saying. “Stay away.”

Today, to see a Burr bush on either side of the entrance, I got the message. The meadow Spirits are not so happy with all of the tromping we do.

It made me think about the very frightening reality facing our community…. Niagara Bottling Corporation is about to stick a big straw into our aquifer. 

And once they are inside, we will not have an easy time getting them out. They don’t stop until there is no more.

If you don’t want to read this long email… Please sign the following petition before clicking away:


Below is a link to some important points to cover this coming week…


And there is another pretty scary factor. The ten year tax abatement. 

From “Bottled” (Linked below)

  1.     Nestlé is taking advantage of the often out-of-date water rights in many locations by operating to the limits of legality – not only in developing countries but also in the USA and elsewhere in the industrialized world.

Our reservoirs are not overflowing. Our streams are not even up to normal flow…

We are not in any position to sell our water at a low rate, to a company who will profit hundredfold on their “investment”––WHICH IS OUR LOSS.

And, as noted above, Kingston City Government and Niagara are moving forward with the same tactics––Antiquated laws, and studies irrelevant to the current situation being used as the basis upon which this crucial decision are made.

It is apparent that laws need to be updated before the antiquated ones are used against us.

Are we really ready to be lazy about this one?

Please, if you live anywhere within, I don’t know, 35 miles of  the town of Woodstock…. Pay attention, come out and speak for your water. Please.

Keep track of meetings, and please attend them if you can… Kingston Citizens are doing so much to keep us informed and up to date. 

Below, I have shared a few links and videos to illustrate some other communities and their experiences living with the reality of Big Water Demons coming for their water.

Ehem… Rumor has it that Niagara Bottling Company is about to be purchased by Neslte Waters?

I promise, nothing good will come of complacency right now.

Here is a very real moment (profanity included) in a Niagara Bottling Corp. parking lot. Maybe you don’t care about the water before it gets to the bottles, but how about after it is bottled? Some people don’t like traffic.

Here is a little bit about what is happening in Orlando. NOT GOOD PEOPLE.



See the film Bottled Life for more on Nestle Waters.

Water is not a Human right to CEO of Nestle Waters…

Really? Kingston government wants to sell us out? For what?

They have bullied their way into the Great Lakes

Maine isn’t having fun with Nestle Waters…. Here is the future of our county if we do not stop this deal.

Here is a site where you can see what others have had to deal with since giving them an inch… HOW MANY MILES?

This little boy can show you why it is important for us to STOP NIAGARA NOW!!!

Wanna be the dunces who let our aquifer be raped by Neslte Waters (Poland Spring) because we were too damn lazy or uninformed?

Detroit fights for water while Nestle extracts it during drought:


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