I have had a dream to be the editor of a publication that hosts a bevy of talent… I want to share the art of my fellow creative genius’. Painters, poets, freaks and sages… I know some talented and exquisite humans. Many of you write.

A few nights ago, a friend of mine had a dream, but hers happened when she was sleeping. Apparently i was the editor of a very successful online publication and she felt she should tell me… It was a good dream and she was feeling my urges from mountains and miles away….

And so…

This morning while appreciating a fellow writer friend for all of the support she gives me, it occurred to me that the Palace of Muse should not just be my Palace, but is big enough to fit many more kings and queens… Even some princes and princesses at that! Come and join me in the Salon….

The Palace will be going through some changes over the next few months or so… (maybe even weeks, depending on my writers coming forth) as I curate some talent to showcase in the Salon.

If you feel that you would like to:
a. strengthen your own blog’s readership
b. write for a blog but don’t have the time to maintain your own.
c. Just want to be part of a really cool thing
d. All of the above

then please, write to me @ palaceofmuse@gmail.com

and I will get back to you. Please (If I do not know your work) send a sample, or a link to a sample of your work.

You need not be a “professional” and you need not be a writer, I would like to share the work of visual, media, musical, prose, fiction and non-fiction…

As you share with me, the new shape of the salon will come to be.

Let us make something really amazing together!

My best and my love,

Rachel Sun


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