Some of you have been receiving messages from me, notes in your inbox — my facebook wall looks like I have a one track mind. And, well, I sort of do at the moment. I have been deep in the throws of promoting my Haiku project, and I am determined to make it happen.

Still, I think that some people are confused about what it is that I am doing, so I thought I would explain.

I wrote a lot of poetry in the form of Haiku a couple of years back, and instead of publishing a book, I decided to make an oracular deck (sort of like a tarot deck to simplify the term “oracular”).

It is Beautiful!!!

But I need to print it, and that costs a bunch. Definitely more than I have on hand.

So I began a pre-sale campaign on Indie-gogo and I have five days left to reach my goal. I aimed very high, in hopes that I can bring it to it’s fullest potential. I dream of seeing it boxed and shrinkwrapped before hitting the stands.

Here is how it works:

You go to the campaign site and there you can donate a dollar, or scroll the perks and buy a deck at regular retail cost, or you can buy a signed deck… You can get a deck and a reading… There as many ways for you to be a part of the publishing of my first body of work. http://indiegogo.com/haiku-for-thought. Indie GoGo is a website sort of like Kickstarter where people like me who are looking to advance a project but do not have the funds to do so can use their platform to raise the funds. I gave myself a timeframe in which to raise the funds, and in five days, the campaign is “over” At that point, whatever I have raised will be used to go to print. I wouldn’t have been able to mobilize as much as I have without them…

Check it out!

If for some reason I do not reach my goal (I do have a ways to go…) I will continue with the first printing. The amount of decks and the packaging will be determined by how much I do raise.

I have come to the place where I do not need the shrinkwrap to feel accomplished, I am already beaming with excitement about sharing this deck, it will be okay if it doesn’t come in a perfect box.

What matters is that after too long… I will be finally going to print!

I thank you in advance for going to peek at it, and if you can’t contribute monetarily, remember… Sharing the link (http://indiegogo.com/haiku-for-thought) opens a world of opportunity!

Love  love love


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