No need to put any links here, everyone knows the story.

And I would like to point out that this Sandusky/Penn State horror is EXACTLY what I speak of when I say that Homophobia is at the root of everything that is wrong in our society.

It is at the root of EVERYTHING wrong within our global society and particularly in this one.

We raise our sons to fear tears, to fear eachother, to distrespect women. to go to War with eachother, their neighbors and the whole fucking planet. We do this by giving them role models like that asshole. Removing them from their hearts and telling them to punch a guy rather than love him.

The Jerry Sandusky’s of the world have made my job as a mother ten times harder. How am I supposed to raise my son to be a protector whan I have the entire planet against me.

How am I supposed to let my son play sports? How am I supposed to let my son go to church?

How the fuck am I supposed to raise an aware conscious loving man in this fucking society.




“BE A MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Oh, and since your parents trust me, and since your society tells you that I am the role model you should follow, I think I will fuck your little brother in the ass while I shower him down after a hard workout.

Good shit people.

Good shit.

Fuck you.

How about we teach or young boys to love? Not to shut their hearts down and then abuse eachother and everyone else around them.


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