here it comes again

head for higher ground

or you’ll drown in your own tears

It’s morning and the rain is back again. It feels sometimes these days like it may never stop… So many people turning to the darkness; foretelling disaster, living disaster, recalling disaster. It is so heavy in the air, that the good stuff seems too far off to remember, much less believe.  This planet we live on is telling us a lot. Reflecting our focus. Collectively, as a people… we have been weeping for too long. We could drown in our own tears if we don’t head for higher ground.

I had some fun yesterday, I whistled while I worked, and played Shuffle the Abraham-Hicks seminars. It was amazing. I knew what I was looking for, when I popped the cd’s in, and I got just that. As Esther went in for the first set of questions from the audience, she says… ‘I am  going to take some questions from the audience, and just watch how they lead from one to the next and then the next, and give you the answers you came for…’ or something like that…

And it was so.

I love to be reminded of how easy it is to be okay. And why.

Working on it…


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