Abraham-hicks has plenty to say about the devastation in the gulf… I am reminded constantly why I feel so blessed to be moved by their teachings! Love and light!!!
They are so much FUN!!!!
“Isn’t it wonderful that through this situation that so many people are asking for a cleaner, more balanced environment? Isn’t it great that so many are asking for new sources of energy that are in greater harmony with our environment? Isn’t it great that so many people are asking for more prosperity, stability and independence from the things they had been relying upon? Isn’t it great that the plants and animals in the affected area are asking for what they want, too? Isn’t it wonderful that Source is responding with a resounding, enthusiastic, “YES!” to each and every request being made?

Isn’t it wonderful that the plants, animals, bacteria, and the like know that it’s easy for them to re-emerge into non-physical, gain the benefit of all the things they’ve asked for and then turn right back around and be born back into their improved physical experience? Isn’t it wonderful that there are many people who have the knowledge, talent and desire to find the solutions to all of the questions that have arisen? Aren’t the inspiration, energy and well-being that will flow through them in response to this myriad of desires incredibly delicious and satisfying? Isn’t the flow of abundance and well-being that’s going to emerge as a result of this sequence of events staggering?

All really is well here and because of what’s going on, it’s going to get a heck of a lot well-er.”
Well folks there it is… I needed some reminders… I have had a time with this one, and i am coming up and up.
Below is a lot longer conversation with Abe, regarding the “REALIGNMENT OF PLANET EARTH” from the book- “A New Beginning I”
Yes it is long, but if you care to dig a little deeper and feel better on the other side, I suggest giving it a read…
In the meantime… Breathe… Whew!


January 4, 1988

[ADDENDUM – Los Angeles, CA – 8/5 & 6/95

Page 212

QUESTION: I started reading A New Beginning I, and I got to the chapter
about the earthquake and I don’t know what to make of that. It freaked me
out. Because I live here and.

ABRAHAM: First time you’ve heard about it, eh? (Group laughs)

QUESTION: Well, I never take stake in what people say, like, California is
going to fall into the ocean, and you know, I am really not afraid to die. I
‘m really not, I’ve been trying to get off this planet since I was five, so
that’s not the problem. It just kind of freaked me out.

ABRAHAM: Well, what it does, it amplifies or touches at your feelings of
vulnerability. It reminds you that there are things outside of your ability
to control, and it enflames your sense of guardedness. That’s what that
feeling is that you are feeling. It is not the message that we or you came
forth to talk about or to experience. In other words, we are teachers of
Well-being, and that seems contradictory to the message of Well-being. The
reason that we talk about it at all is because we wanted to put that
subject, which is the subject of greatest threat to all of you, the subject
of death and devastation and destruction – we wanted to put it into the
context of Deliberate Creating. We want you to understand that whatever you
achieve vibrational harmony with becomes your experience.

And so, the Creative Process is really a Four Step Process; The
first step is identify what it is you do not want. The second step is
clarify and identify what you do want. Now those two steps are
interchangeable but you never see one without the other. It doesn’t matter
which one comes first, but you never know what you do want without knowing
what you don’t want. That is that contrast that we were talking about that
is so important. Because without the ability to choose, you would not have
the ability to decide. And without the ability to decide, you cannot be a
deliberate creator. The third step is the most important step, and that is,
once you have identified what it is you do want, you must find the feeling
place of that. And we think that the reason that that chapter in that book
is so unsettling, the reason that it hits you in that way, is because as you
focus upon these things you do not want, death and devastation and
destruction to you or to others that you care about, there is a very well
developed pattern that is within most of you, already.

If that chapter in the book said, we believe that around the
year 2000, the people who are living in the state of California will begin
to develop a sort of blue hue to their skin, and by the year 2020 they will
be known as the state of blue people because they will be iridescent blue.
And if you were to read something like that, your response would be less
volatile because, first time you ever heard it, doesn’t really register with
other things you’ve heard, and you might say, “that’s interesting’ or “that’
s crazy,” but it wouldn’t have touched any of your hot buttons, you see what
we are getting at?

You read a chapter that pushed all your hot buttons. In other
words, it caused you to feel enormous amounts of resistance. And while we
are not teachers of deliberately stirring up resistance just so that you can
have the fun of talking it down, like hitting yourself with the hammer
because it feels so good when you stop, we do acknowledge that since most of
you have these patterns of thought that are not in vibrational harmony with
your true knowing, it doesn’t hurt to get them out on the table where you
can feel them and get rid of them.

Most people do not do anything about releasing resistance. Most
people just keep adjusting their wanting so that they can stand the
resistance they already have. And that is why when you goose up your desire,
and resistance that is in your vibration is always more sorely felt.

Now when you say to us, “I really don’t care about death, “I’ve
been trying to get off this planet since I was five years old, ” we don’t
believe that. Because if that were true and you read that, you’d say, “Oh,
good! This is in perfect vibrational harmony with what I want. An excuse out
of here. I’ll just hang around here in this place that is surely to be
devastated and it’ll be my easy way out. That way I don’t have to get hit by
a truck. I don’t have to get some deadly disease or I don’t have or endure
the disapproval of committing suicide.” You see what we’re getting at?

QUESTION: I do see. I do see that. But I mean, do you guys know for sure
this is going to happen? (Group laughs.)

ABRAHAM: We have noticed it is happening. Have you? And we’ve noticed that
the realignment of your planet is an eternal ongoing process. We have
noticed that there is constant change upon the face of this planet, and we
have noticed that you are surviving rather well. We have noticed that today
you are pumping the oil and burning it in your engines that is from former
buried civilizations. In other words, from our perspective we are able to
see this broader view, this continuing ongoing process of the constant
evolution and constantly rebalancing act of this planet.

We are wanting to find the most productive way of approaching
this because many of you have been chewing with us for some time about this.
In the early part of 1988, which was at the time that Ester was receiving
this book, there was a lot of hubbub about this. And the reason that we
approached the subject at all was because we wanted to put a different slant
on it. We wanted to put this in the context of deliberate creation. We
wanted you to realize that it is not something to push against but something
to relax into. Something to accept as part of the ongoing, eternal process
of physical life. In the same way that you must accept what you call
physical death as part of life before you can really begin to live, you must
accept that that which is not wanted is part of that which is wanted.

Every now and again someone will say to us, “Abraham these are
the best of times because there are so many Nonphysical teachers now coming
forth and giving us the guidance that we’ve been seeking for a long time,”
and then others will say, “These are the worst of times. Violence is
greater, crime is greater, fear is greater.” In other words, there is some
of all of it out there.

These are times of exaggerated contrast. These are transitional
times. These are the times, by the way that you always manage to come forth
into physical. You did not say, prior to your emergence into this physical
experience, “Well, I would like to come forth, but get rid of all trouble,
then I will come because I am, after all, a responder to conditions. So line
all the conditions up just right so that I can have good feeling responses
and live happily ever after.” You said, “Oh! Sure, I’ll go forth into this
sea of contrast, because never do I know more clearly what I do want than
when I’m exposed to some of what I don’t want, and this contrast will help
me choose. And once I choose and follow my Energy and achieve vibrational
harmony with my choice, that will be my experience.”

We are seeing all kinds of people scampering around trying to
avoid catastrophe or realignment or earth shift or earthquake or whatever
you are wanting to call it, and they are having their earth shift even
before the earth is having an earth shift. They stay in a place of upheaval
as they are still pushing against.

If we were standing in your physical shoes, we would not factor
realignment into our goal setting process. For this reason: Most of you
would say something like, “Universe I don’t want to die in an earthquake” or
“Universe help me be in the right place at the right time,” but what you are
saying is, “Guide me away from any trouble.” Where, if you are staying, “I
love my life,” in other wards, when you appreciate these beautiful days,
when you appreciate the deliciousness of your life, this is the way you
establish vibrational harmony with what you do want. And when you are in
vibrational harmony with what you do want, anything, anything, even
something as significant as a catastrophic earthquake, will not affect your
experience, because you will vibrationally be in a different place from it.
If you were to ask the Universe “Am I as smart as I’m ever going to be right
now?” The Universe would say to you, “Of course not, there is constant
unfolding.” And so, if you were to say, “As I now receive the Nonphysical
Energy and as I translate it now, will I ever get better at it?” And we say,
of course. The more you do it, the more intricately you will be able to
decipher it.

And so, what that chapter in that book represents is the feeling
of vulnerability of mass consciousness. That feeling that there is always
something greater, bigger, badder in control of me that I must be guarded
about. When, in reality, there is no such thing in all of the Universe. When
you get into synch with your flow, you are always guided to be at the right
place at the right time.

If we were standing in you physical shoes, we would say, “I know
that there are earthquakes abounding. I’m reading about them, I hearing
about them.” Since Ester has been in California, she has this little game
she pays with the Universe were if there is some sort of activity going on
she gets an eye twitch. Her eye has been twitching the entire three weeks
they have been here. She is saying to Jerry, “There is something going on,
there is something going on, there is something going on, there is something
going on,” and then Jerry’s next question is, “How close is it? (Group
laughs) Where is it?” Ester will say, “I have an awareness of something
going on but it doesn’t feel like something that we need to consider.” You
see what we are getting at?

Will there be more earthquakes in this part of the world?
Absolutely. Will there be more beautiful days in this part oft the world?
Absolutely. Do the beautiful days outweigh the downside of the earthquakes?
Absolutely, It is a sure thing that there will be more earthquakes in this
city in this decade? Absolutely. Is it a sure thing that people will die in
these earthquakes? Absolutely. Is it a sure thing that people will die in
traffic accidents? Absolutely.

We are not saying to you that this pocket of the Universe is
different from every other pocket of the Universe and contains only what is
wanted in it. It contains what is wanted and lack of it. You must find your
vibrational harmony with what you are wanting and that will be your
experience. You see?

GUEST: Yes. Thank you.

End of 8/5 & 6/95 addendum]

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