As summer winds down, and many people, including myself felt like summer was a week long… I can’t help but take notice that time although it flows quite switfly these days, can be slowed down considerably with a little loosening.
Most of the time we manipulate time by accident. Speed it up by not paying attention, or slow it down by dreading the moments we are in…
But stop and savour a moment by the river, or a sweet kiss with your love, a caress… the flavour of a whisper can bring a moment, oozing like honey off a wooden spoon, into eternity.

Savour them… these moments are precious and beautiful when you notice…

"In the moment that you are able to thank yourself for where you stand, you’ll turn, you’ll go with the flow, and those dreams that you have been dreaming will not be illusions in your bed. They’ll come into full-blown manifestation and they will wrap their arms around you and they will lick your face."

~ Abraham-Hicks –


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